Search Engine Marketing For Your Business

By | October 26, 2017

Search Engine Marketing, or also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, are similar but search engine marketing does take on a more diverse role. In this is article we will discuss some strategies that local marketers use to help businesses achieve their goals.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the strategy of getting a website to rank very high in google.  For example, if you were to search for roofers in Toronto, you would get a large number of businesses that are roofing companies in Toronto all competing for the number one position.  This number one position is highly coveted because it will get the most traffic.  The more traffic, no more phone calls, emails, text messages and so on the business will receive.


Someone that is an SEO expert will know how to get these kind of results.  It does take a lot of time and effort in you have to follow Google’s best practices.  Not every website will rank well.  For some reason some websites simply do not rank higher than others and that is just something that no one can explain.  No one really understands Google’s algorithm and that there is our reason for that.  If experts knew exactly how google ranks websites then they could easily manipulate any site they want to rank high in the search engine.  Most experts will agree that things like proper on page optimization, good content, and relative links to the site are the secret sauce to rank a website.  Following this strategy will certainly help but there are no guarantees that you will reach the first page or even the top spot of the first page.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing has SEO as a component but involves more diversity.  For example, most businesses will not only have a website but they will also have social pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.  These pages can also be ranked in google which would give almost the same exposure and drive phone calls to a business just like a website would.  In essence, search engine marketing utilizes the search engines to market a company using different channels.



Basic Marketing Strategies

When a website is created the first thing that needs to be done is to build the brand name.  Google may not be aware of the company name so things like setting up Google My Business, building citations using tools like Whitespark and other similar tools is definitely the best place to start.  Building a Facebook page, twitter and LinkedIn business page is essential as it will tell google that you are a legitimate business.

These are basic tactics that will help you move up the search engines but there are much more advanced strategies that need to be done in order for you to out-rank your competition.  You can either start off with some basic strategies as mentioned above or you can go hire a professional like this seo expert in Toronto to work on a plan to help you outrank your competition.

For the most part getting your website done is the first step.  If you’re not able to put in the time than just go and hire somebody to do the work for you.  Focus on the important things like growing your business.